What sets CrossFit Double Barrel programming apart from other gyms?

Whether your goals include competing at the international level for Olympic Weightlifting or just looking good naked, Crossfit Double Barrel has the programming, equipment, and community support that will help you get there.


While our program does follow the fundamental CrossFit protocol of “High intensity functional movements over a broad spectrum and time model,” we extend this concept much further. Our group classes are designed to teach more than just high intensity, and we build our class structure on a bedrock of increased motor control and body awareness. During our coach-led warm-up we deliberately prime our bodies for the work ahead, and do not just tell the class to go for a 400m jog.

We utilize breathing drills to build stability and awareness in our core to help maximize muscle building while minimizing injury. Our periodized strength programs add strength and conditioning to muscles in waves that never overload. During the daily metabolic conditioning(WOD), you can choose either a Performance or Fitness based workout that meets your needs and goals while still ensuring everyone gets a great workout. CrossFit Double Barrel programming has documented success at safely increasing athletic performance from across the entire spectrum of physical abilities.


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Advanced Weightlifting

The Crossfit Double Barrel Advanced Weightlifting program is designed to train athletes who have a solid grasp of basic movement patterns and technique. This class meets 4-5 days a week and includes a higher volume of training than is found in the Beginner program. This is a competitive team environment, where weightlifters typically train with the goal of competing on the platform. In addition, Crossfitters who are looking to improve their weightlifting skills in order to increase performance in wods are also welcome. There is a continuous training cycle that is used to periodize strength gains with technique work leading into a competition. Programming typically focusing a lot on Squat/Pull/Press and the underlying accessory movements.

Competitors Programming

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Beginner Weightlifting

The CrossFit Double Barrel Beginner Weightlifting program is focused on increasing athletes’ familiarity with the basic, fundamental tenants of weightlifting. Our knowledgeable coaching staff break down the snatch and clean jerk into each elemental movement, while explaining the core concepts involved. Instruction is given in measured cues that focus an athlete’s attention. Each week, coaches help athletes improve in the foundations of weightlifting:

Foot Work

The aim in this program is not necessarily to lift heavy but rather to practice good technique that then translates into an ability to move the barbell in a proficient manner, thereby increasing strength gains over time.

3 days a Week for 6 Weeks
Tue/Thursday 5:15pm Saturday 10:30am
18 hours of small group Instruction for less then $10/Class


Vinyasa Style Yoga

Matches breath to movement to deepen physical postures, as well as connect the body and the mind.

Incorporates balancing, strengthening, and yin style postures,

with a greater emphasis on those that complement the athlete.

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